Black Souls

My next Psychological crime thriller :Lola had left her past behind over twenty years ago and never looked back until one day she received a phone call that she cannot ignore and everything she had fought so hard to forget is back.

A brutal attack in one of the poshest areas of Dublin and a vicious murder in a peaceful touristic little town in the north of Italy. Are they connected?it will be up to detective Enda Mccarthey and inspector Furio Zamparelli to find out.

Fields Of Lies

Michael and Bernadette are living a
perfect life in the dormant little Irish village of Seacross, but things are not as always as they look, and husband and wife are actually living two parallel lives. When Michael embarks in a dangerous affair and Bernadette let the past back in her life, their marriage begins to unravel. They find themselves trapped in a spiral of lies and lust. They have to face the consequences of their actions and their demons, and when someone goes as far as murder the castle of lies they have built in the last twenty-four years is destined to collapse. Soon Bernadette realises that she cannot make amend with the past without endangering the present. She knows the path she had taken had no coming back and that it will change things forever but it is her only chance to start a new chapter with Shane, her long-lost lover who had been back for revenge but instead had found love and this time is determined to not let it go. He is going to take back what should always be his, no matter what.
Michael is pondering what he wants and he is ready to reconnect with his wife, but unfortunately, it is too late because his affair has span out of control. Bernadette, who has also been pondering what she wants too is instead ready to take the risk to reveal the secret that had bond her to the husband for all these years, breaking the pact of gratitude with Michael despite the devastating consequences that it can have on those she loves the most.
Ultimately, when the investigation closes up around herself and Shane, whatever they do or say will irremediably compromise their future.